What are your recommended internett web server together with Plone as the Internal CMS system?

I have been looking a bit on Plone, and think it likely is the best choice for me for an internal CMS system.

Despite its very good security record, I do however think the requirements for GCC, easy_install and so on is not what I desire for the public webserver, and was starting to look into solutions for automatically posting the data from Plone to an external web server. Noticing that Plone aim for Headless, I wonder what people do recommend for this!

These are some of my considerations:

  1. Way to trigger automatic publishing to external site when new content or a new version of a current document is published within Plone.
  2. Published document options: Can I publish the documents as XHTML for instance and have it quickly parsed using XSLT?
  3. The external web-server is desired to allow for comments, and it would be desired if I can import these comments somehow back into Plone associated with the correct version of the published document.

I leave it at this for now, and would like to hear your opinions and experiences!

  • Plone has lifecycle events that are triggered upon workflow changes or content change. You can implement code by yourself that would take the content and push it to whatever location through whatever mechanism

  • Plone HTML content is in general not necessarily XHTML or XML compliant. This usually requires some additional cleanup step(s) for making clean XHTML/XML from whatever the Plone editor TinyMCE produces.

  • You can use Plone's REST api for interacting with comments: Comments — plone.restapi 1.0a1 documentation