What about making a new theme

We can make a new theme for plone keeping this blue, white theme aside?

Firstly... let me apologize in advance for the long comment. I think it is important that you understand what would make a theme valuable to the Plone community.

I would love to see some new themes for Plone. Don't underestimate what's involved in this though, it's important to understand what is needed in order to build a new theme from scratch:
If you intend to get a theme done right you need a level of comfort with HTML/CSS/JS, including a good grasp of responsive design. A short cut is to rely on a framework such as Bootstrap, Semantic UI etc....
What you can't get around is the other things you need to build a theme well:

Design Experience

A good understanding of design involves an appreciation of typography, use of colour, visual hierarchy, interactions (animations)). You learn design by doing design. 3 months of GSOC would be a too little time to learn design. You need at least 6 months practicing and learning to get a basic foundation of design.

Plone specific things

It's not enough to create the HTML/CSS/JS and have a pretty front page. A complete theme needs to pay attention to all the "Plone things"


Pagination, Form Widgets, Calendar, Search widget, Navigation Elements, Portlets

Base Templates

Views for all default content types:

Events, Pages, Collections, Folders, Files, Images, Links, News Items

Other views

Contact Us, Login Form, Site Map, Accessibility Page, Search Results Page

Important configuration settings

  • social media integration
  • the site logo

I'm sure I've left off many other important considerations but hopefully this gives you some context.

Why previous GSOC projects focused on porting existing themes

In my experience, implementing a theme for a personal or client project is very different from creating a theme that the community can depend on. You can take some shortcuts on a projects that don't need to be reusuable, for example they may not want to use the built in contact form (so no need to theme it properly), you may want to hardcode the way a logo shows up in the theme, a community released theme needs to allow the user to easily change the logo.
In general, when something is released to the community there are expectations (maybe unreasonable) that everything will work.

Starting with a working HTML theme means that you skip a lot of the design work. Your job becomes making it work with Plone to a level that is useful to the community and matches expectations. This is a lot of work on it's own. Add to this the creation of a well designed HTML theme and you're approaching overwhelming, especially if you haven't studied design.

I'd focus on Through the Web (TTW) based themes

I would encourage anyone doing theme related work for GSOC to focus on theme porting, rather than creating themes from scratch. I would have them look at doing everything TTW using theme fragments and definitely Mosaic.

Yeah i can get what you are saying,i am versed in html, css and js but then all the other things i need to look at which might be difficult to be done in a span of three months.