Webcouturier.dropdownmenu on Plone 4.3.12

Building from 4.3.1 through to 4.3.12, I wanted to add the addon webcouturier.dropdownmenu, but when I when ran buildout.cfg it said said that I had a bad constraint referring me Plone >=5.0

Anyone have a suggestion on how to pin webcouturier.dropdownmenu to 4.3.12+


Probably look at the release notes / changes for dropdownmenu to see in which version they dropped support for Plone 4.x and pin to the preceding version

Hi Kim, I was able to pin webcouturier.dropdownmenu = 2.3.1, and got a successful buildout. I am curious if 3.x webcouturier.dropdownmenu is Plone 5 specific. I haven't found anything in the notes to indicate otherwise.

Using 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 in the buildout gives me
The constraint, 4.3.12, is not consistent with the requirement, 'Products.CMFPlone>=5.0'.
whereas pinning it to 2.3.1 worked.

Plone 5 compatibility [davilima6, fulv, jensens, lewecki]
Update buildout to Plone 5 [davilima6]
Fix package dependencies and metadata; explicitly drop support for Plone 4.0. [hvelarde]

Hope this helps.

Yes, this definitely means that it is set to work only with Plone 5 and up.

And this confirms it