Web components HTML imports


I am experimenting with web components HTML imports in a JavaScript application inside a browser view in Plone (4.3). What's the most sensible way to deliver/serve an included HTML document imported via <link rel="import">?

As a templated view? As a static resource of some sort? For now, I'm just adding an additional (template-only) browser view for each imported HTML asset, regardless of whether that asset is effectively static and doesn't need TAL. Is this the best way to accomplish this?


I imagine in your diazo theme, in foo/plonetheme/diazo_resources/static/... like all the other scripts and frontend assets.

While I understand that this is one possible solution, I need this not in a theme, but in a theme-agnostic add-on that has javascript resources included for specific purpose (a visual query editor).

What would be the advantage of de-coupling the front-end assets from the add-on using them?