Way to conect ZODB Mount Point to use with Dexterity inside a PloneSite

Dear Friends,

I'm trying to mount a ZODB Mount Point inside a PloneSite 5.0.7. In my ZEO I had

 <zodb_db fd_test>
        storage 2
        name fd_test
        var  /www/data/filestorage
      mount-point /Plone/fd_test
      container-class OFS.Folder.Folder

But when I navigate from content tree to add a Page, the folder "fd_test" don't show like News and Events are showed. I realized that News and Events are a Dexterity Content, not a OSF.Folder.Folder type. Is it possible to mount my "fd_test" folder as a Dexterity Content Folder? Someone could help me to solve this? I would like to have only one plonesite with many microsites, and each microsite with your own data.fs file.

Thank you.