Voto hands on: content object

I am at section 13, we recreate plone release content type, I have created custom View component at src/components/Views/PloneReleaseView.jsx, exported it via index.js
Also added this in applyconfig()
config.views.contentTypesViews.plone_release = PloneReleaseView;

The documentation now says:

You should see the "I am the Plone Release View" text now on your content Object.

But what is content object, and how do I add it to my plone site?

There's a saying, "placing the cart before the ox". Funny how there's a whole load of people that want to learn Plone development, but seem to have no connection to actually using Plone as a CMS.

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that's why I am following the training guide, what would you suggest I do first?

Plone sits on top of ZOPE (Z Object Publishing Environment) and ZODB (ZODB stands for "Z Object Database," ) and Plone is a CMS. So "content object" is any page and article that you create through the web interface.

but creating a page, won't use the custom view component

That's really important...Since the API and everything is built to support the CMS use-case, using it as a CMS is definitely the first stop.