Volto weird rendering of URL in html text on Page type

I used a link in a text on a Page using the editor and the dialog to insert a link. I wanted to link to a python script called contact-formulier and used External Link but relative and thus pointing to the script. The external link entry was just contact-formulier. Under Plone Classic it works fine. The Dexterity type Page had behaviour for Block unchecked (so off). Under Volto the link gets the domain and port of Volto's API attached. When clicking the link it jumps out of Volto http://servername:3000/ to http://servername:3000/api/contact-formulier and its show the Plone Classic layout... not exactly what I expected and hopen for.

Hard coding the link did not help. I tried so.many variants that I gave up.
Maybe more control on how to render such things might be needed? Just my 5 cents. Thought it is worth to share with you.

I like Volto, but it has still some complexities that are difficult to master. Like CORS and log in in combination with Nginx, varnish and HAproxy. There it can go wrong very easily and it is difficult tolicate the root cause if you are new.
I used volto npm i @plone/create-volto-app 8.0.0 with Plone 5.2.3rc1

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Hi Peter,

Your problem, as I understand it is that the richtext is not transformed to "localize" the internal link to a proper "frontend" url, without the /api/ part. I've added an issue for this in the Volto ticket tracker, let's see if someone picks it up and comes up with a solution. https://github.com/plone/volto/issues/2092

Thanks for reporting this Peter. In fact, this is an issue we are very well aware of. Rewriting internal links is a complex matter and we are actively working on fixing this and bring some sanity into this. plone.restapi 8.0.0 final will be an important step in that direction but unfortunately not the last one. You can expect this to be fixed for Plone 6 for sure though.

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