Volto Team Meeting Release Notes - 2022-12-20



  • Víctor Fernandez de Alba
  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Alin Voinea
  • Nilesh Gulia
  • Steve Piercy
  • Mikel Larreategi
  • Alec Ghica
  • Jefferson Bledsoe


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Thanks for sharing the Volto meeting notes. In the future it would be helpful if the notes included not only a list of what topics were discussed, but a brief indication of the result of the discussion (i.e. what the decision was about how to move forward on the item, or what remaining issues need to be resolved).

I know that may not always be possible, if the discussion went in multiple directions or key people were missing or you didn't have time for all the items. The main thing I'm looking for is an idea of where it's most worth my time to help move things along. The notes here are at least helpful as a reminder of which topics people in the community want attention on, but it's hard to tell what progress was made on them in the meeting.


I fully agree. We have to do a better job at documenting what we discuss. I'd suggest that in the next meeting the first thing we do is assign someone to take notes and push them to community.plone.org afterward. This is an important part of our work and our communication.

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