Volto Team Meeting Notes 2021-01-19



  • Timo
  • Victor
  • Alin
  • Tiberiu
  • Nicola
  • Giulia
  • Jakob

Meeting Notes

  • SEO behavior, Navigation Title behavior
    • add-ons and Volto backends might provide fields via behaviors that we consider to be core-ish functionality (that we want out-of-the-box but not enabled by default necessarily)
    • extending Volto components (e.g. helmet) is possible but that’s a slippery slope that lead to lots of maintenance overhead in projects that customize main Volto components
    • proposal: document behaviors as an “interface” in Volto. Add-ons can fulfill those contracts and Volto will pick that up and gracefully fall back
    • Jakob will create a PR with the kitconcept.seo best practices
    • The new helmet component will use the page title for instance for the meta-title tag, if an add-on fulfills the contract it picks up the behavior attribute
    • we need:
      • PR with customized helmet component that provides the sharing tabs but and uses the seo add-on fields
      • documentation of the interface/contract for seo
      • PR for navigation title
    • https://github.com/plone/volto/pull/2132
  • image scales
  • deprecate create-volto-app
    • let’s go ahead!
  • we do not have an internationalization story for add-ons
    • we want to generate po and json files in addons and have them automatically picked up by volto
  • next major release of Volto
  • portlet navigation
    • need to write docs, rename the navportlet endpoint
  • portlets
    • kitconcept has this use-case in a a project and plans to work on this
    • we will work towards the final solution and gain experience on the road
  • slots / blocks form