Volto Team (Meeting Notes 2020-07-04)

We bootstrapped a new Volto team to help the Volto maintainers to review Volto enhancements and pull requests on github. Volto is evolving fast and the number of enhancements and fixes becomes too much to handle for the Volto maintainers.

The Volto team is reachable via github when you mention @plone/volto-team (like the other Plone teams).

We will have regular meetings every two weeks to discuss open pull requests and features.

Our meetings are open to anybody who is interested and we will try our best to be transparent about the decisions that we take.

Here is the notes from our very first meeting:


  • Piero Nicolli
  • Tiberiu Ichim
  • Nicola Zambello
  • Alin Voinea
  • Andrea Cecchi
  • Alok Kumar
  • Timo Stollenwerk


  • Two meetings a month
  • First Monday of the month, and the Monday 2 weeks after
  • We time-frame our meetings to one hour
  • Meetings are open to everybody who is interested in discussing PR reviews


  • LESS integration for add-ons #1698
  • Theme separation PR #970
    • Approved
    • Minor release
    • No breaking expected
    • Release today or tomorrow
  • Dx fields validation #1454
  • CRA/Yeoman/Add-ons structure for demo/testing #26
    • Yeoman project creates a Volto project
    • Next steps:
      • Alok / Timo will look into Yeoman for volto-form-builder
  • plone.restapi @types #951
    • PR is ok
    • PR reviews welcome
    • Timo will merge and do a release today or tomorrow
    • Dexterity Content-Types Layout editor #1619
      • Timo will have a look in the next days
      • Timo will reach out to Alin to discuss open questions


Better Pull Request for GitHub Chrome Extension


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