Volto Team Meeting Minutes - 2024-01-30


  • Steve Piercy
  • Víctor
  • Piero
  • Rob
  • Jakob Kahl
  • David Ichim
  • Timo


The community has put a lot of effort in Cypress, getting the right dynamic, CI integration, learning the caveats and how it does work. There are dozens of hours invested and hard learn know how. Classic UI can benefit of all this, right away. Not willing to take advantage of this, is just non-sense. Cypress can test Classic as well as Playwright, the fact that it has a bridge library is not an advantage at all. The fact that Playwright relies in Selenium is a disadvantage. Migrating to Playwright just because M$ has sponsored some people to write nice posts about it is non sense, and the community does not have bandwith for it. What it would be common sense would be that the community agrees on one tool, and abide to it. Dispersing our resources this way leads to nothing valuable.

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