Volto starts but fails to compile correctly

Good morning, Plone Community!

Unable to start Volto correctly. The Plone backend is fine. Volto fails to compile using yarn.
What other steps should I take?

I thank you kindly.

Screenshots are available below:

Can you please provide the commands you run and the full error trace? Are you using create-volto-app? Do you run "yarn start"?

For the commands, I used "npx @plone/create-volto-app volto" to create the volto instance. I also ran "yarn start".

@rbrown12 could you please provide a full text-based traceback? The screenshots do not really help to see what's wrong.

I get the same issue with create-volto-app 6.0.0 after I manually updated it to Volto 6.2.0

Failed to compile

Attempted import error: 'addonReducers' is not exported from '../../../../../src/config'.

This error occurred during the build time and cannot be dismissed.

There is not traceback except for the error in the browser. Nuking the frontend and recreating it with Volto 6.0.0 works.

@tisto I cannot find the traceback except for what is in the browser. This is what it shows in more detail looking at the console information:

I can reproduce the problem and I have a hunch what caused this. We need a new release of create-volto-app. Would you mind creating an issue on the Volto issue tracker?

I released create-volto-app 6.2.1 with a fix by @iFlameing:

I fixed the problem but somehow the submodule is not populating in latest release npm version i.e 'volto-starter-kit' but if you install using git versioin it should work.

npm install git+https://github.com/plone/create-volto-app

Fixed in the latest release of create-volto-app @6.2.3. Now we support globally installation of @plone/create-volto-app from npm as well as the yarn :slight_smile:

npm install -g @plone/create-volto-app

It works! Thank you!