Volto object_browser widget - customize query

I have a custom block that's like the Teaser block, but focused on selecting only "news items"

Use case is that the user wants to place an existing news item on the front page using the block editor.

(We're a news organization, and we like to edit the homepage with recent stories A LOT!)

My Question:

How can I make the 'object browser' widget know that I want to filter the content type of the response. Or even better, just show me all the objects of content-type news-item ordered by publication date, and only show those that are 'published'

Likely, the user is looking for a story that was published in the last 24 hours.

I'm still getting my sea legs in react & volto, but I got so far as the edit bar & schema browsing my entire Plone site, and it's just not friendly to someone trying to find a story.

properties: {
          title: "Story",
          widget: "object_browser",
          mode: "link",
          allowExternals: false,


You can limit the allowed types by adding selectableTypes: ["News Item"] here.

You can also start browsing in a particular folder by setting initialPath.

I don't think the object browser widget currently supports starting off with search results based on a querystring query, but that sounds like a useful feature to add.