Volto - Link to item.url doesn't work

I'm working on a Volto listing view for a Plone add-on. I made a search with dispatch and searchContent with portal_type and fullobjects=true.
I used for the rendering of the objects the following code:

{tlprojects &&
            tlprojects.map((item) => (
              <Segment padded clearing key={item.id}>
<h2><Link to={item.url} >{item.title}</Link></h2>

Once Volto rendered this I got the correct title of the tlproject, but the URL points not to the tlproject but the content object to which I connected this view (this is the folder where all tlprojects live.

Hi @andreasma . Can you paste how the current URL looks like? I think consuming some volto URL helpers might be useful in your scenario.

Wild guess: could {item.getURL()} work ?

@espenmm that didn't work because there is no Python execution inside
React. This throws an error message.

@nileshgulia1 got it to work with


The '@id' made the trick.

The URL is like this:
for a project.
The template center lives at:

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