Volto: i18n not working for homepage(s)


wanted to try out plone and volto. am able to install plone5 or plone6-dev for backend and volto 14 release and volto 15 dev releases.

everything seems to work quite nicely, but i just can't seem to get dual languages working:

  • have installed the multilingual app addon in the backend first, then configured two languages de/en: working o.k in the backend.

  • then i installed the plone.volto addon.


  • then i configured/enabled these languages in the volto config.

this is working o.k. for all pages, but not for the two language specific homepages:

  • First edit on a language specific homepage: blocks are visible, adding text works, but after saving i get an empty homepage. same behavior for en and de homepage.

  • Edit homepage again: no blocks are visible, no content is visible, just an empty page.

On all other pages, editing is working as expected, can add/edit/save blocks just fine.

Is this a known problem?

Do i have to use specific versions for the backend and for volto, so that i can test a simple dual language plone/volto site?


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