Volto Early Adopters Meeting (March 2020)

We did our monthly Volto Early Adopters meeting today with 18 attendees. We hold those meetings every month to help companies and developers that use Volto in production. We also discuss the current roadmap and the next steps for Volto development. Here are the notes from that call:

The next Volto Early Adopters meeting will be on April 24th, 2020, at 11:00 CET. The meeting is open to anyone who uses Volto in production or has plans to do so in the future. Please drop us a note or email to tisto@plone.org if you would like to attend.

In addition, we will continue to do our Volto Ask Me Anything calls for any questions you might have about Volto.


This was decided years ago and the decision was Gitter and nothing else. This was communicated and all sites I know of were changed to point there.
There is no further discussion needed.

For BBB some IRC enthusiasts introduced the IRC bridge for the old #plone IRC channel to Gitter. This is not needed nor useful for new channels.

If there are still places left were IRC or Slack is mentioned (or Matrix, I heard the first time that this is a thing for Plone), please collect those or try to change it directly with a PR.

I have no idea how to shutdown the old slack Plone channels, whoever is into it, please do so.

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Do you have a pointer to this decision or communication? We are happy to follow the community decisions. Though, nobody I talked to, except you and Philip, were aware of this decision. Maybe it would help if the board or the FWT would make an official decision. If we do so we should shut down both IRC and Slack (I can take care of the latter).

I found this one Alternatives to IRC - and IIRC there were some official decisions afterwards, maybe @polyester or @tkimnguyen know the details here? Btw. FWT is the wrong place for decisions here, it is a topic for the Marketing/Communications Team.

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