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I'm working with a custom dexterity content type and attempting to view an instance of that content type in Volto

I have filled in all the fields for the content type


But in the default view that Volto provides I only see the title being displayed, is there any way to adjust what fields Volto displays on this without component shadowing and or custom components like documented here

Unfortunately no, there's no default view for Volto that is similar to Dexterity autogenerated display views. You'll have to create and register a custom view for your content type, similar to those here: volto/Views.jsx at master · plone/volto · GitHub

Volto doesn't yet have built-in "display" versions of the edit widgets. This exists in the form of this addon @eeacms/volto-widgets-view. If this would be ported to be included with Volto then the default autogenerated view becomes a possibility.

Thanks @tiberiuichim

I've been looking into that addon this morning, but haven't had much luck with it yet.

I've gotten it installed

"addons": [
  "dependencies": {
    "@eeacms/volto-widgets-view": "2.1.2",
    "@plone/volto": "13.2.2",
    "volto-form-block": "1.6.0"


But the default view in Volto is still only showing me the title

is there some other configuration that needs to be done, I didn't see anything on their github page aside from just installing,


I'm sorry, I might have mislead you. The addon provides only one piece of the puzzle. Basically we need:

  • schema (provided by dexterity content types)
  • display widgets for the content values described by the schema (provided by @eeacms/volto-widgets-view)
  • a view that can "connect" the content type schema, the widgets provided by the addon and the values coming from content data. This doesn't exist. It could be trivial to write for the basic use case.

That said, an autogenerated view is usually just an intermediary step. You'll probably want to customize the way your content looks like.

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