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Is it safe to say that the "authoritative docs" are located at https://docs.voltocms.com/ and that we should be careful of dated documentation in other locations?

Quick background story.
I discoverd issues with my src/config.js. I was unable to change settings, even though I was following the example in the comments.

  1. My src/config.js comments suggested a different approach to updating configuration than what I saw at https://docs.voltocms.com.
  2. My src/config.js did not include the applyConfig function at the end of the file. Something mentioned here: What is configurable? - Volto Developer Documentation

I generated my app last week using create-volto-app based on instructions found here: 3. Bootstrapping A Volto Project — Plone Training 2021 documentation.
Apparently this approach is deprecated.

Just to confirm the issue, I went ahead and generated another Volto app using the "deprecated" create-volto-app and surely enough it gave me an older style src/config.js.

Moral of the story seems to be ... stick to docs.voltocms.com

More background here: Volto on an existing Plone 5.1.x project - #4 by pigeonflight

Volto's authoritative docs are docs.voltocms.com as they're generated straight from the Volto repo. volto/docs/source at master · plone/volto · GitHub

That training should be updated. The problem is that create-volto-app has been deprecated in favour of generator-volto (see Bootstrap Volto - Volto Developer Documentation for how to start), so it hasn't been updated for Volto 12 the project structure, which was overhauled to a new src/config.js format.

Many thanks for testing this stuff! There's clearly a need for more eyes on this whole thing, as "Volto regulars" we tend to overlook these things.

No problem. I'll continue to place notes in the forum as I come across things, and while I still have "beginner eyes".

18 days later...
I'm seeing improvements in the docs. Congrats! @tiberiuichim and others you have been very busy :slight_smile:

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