Volto Accessibility GitHub Team

Hello fellow Plonistas!
With the needs to meet accessibility (a11y) requirements in Volto and the growing interest in contributing fixes for accessibility issues, we have created the volto-accessibility team in GitHub to simplify the process of reviewing proposals and code which may impact the accessibility of Volto.
The team currently consists of myself (@JeffersonBledsoe) and @ichimdav and we are actively looking for others with prior experience or the desire to further their a11y knowledge to join the team and get involved with reviews and improvement proposals.
Feel free to send a message or reply in this thread with your GitHub name and get involved!


Great! I would strongly suggest reaching out to the RedTurtle folks (@cekk @pnicolli @stemrc et. al). They will host a sprint dedicated to a11y in a few months and they were continuously working on the topic.

We (kitconcept) would also be interested in having one or more team members on the board. cc @sneridagh

Maybe @polyester would be interested in joining the efforts as well. We worked on the initial a11y stuff for Volto at a Beethoven Sprint long time ago...

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Another note. At kitconcept, we recently did an a11y self-audit (https://bitvtest.de/, German only, the specs are WCAG 2.1) and we have a strong interest that Plone/Volto itself is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant. We plan to do another self-audit on Volto Light Theme and the distributions that we plan to work on (intranet, edu).

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Hey @JeffersonBledsoe ! Awesome news that this team now exists.

Yes we are indeed organizing a sprint at RedTurtle in september which will have a11y as a main topic, and we are for sure interested in having a couple people in the a11y team. Maybe we can also discuss the most important things to be in the spotlight for the sprint :slight_smile:

We will get back to you with a name or two at least, we are discussing this internally at the moment.


@tisto Thanks for tagging the others in the community, it will be great to get as many different voices and opinions on board as possible!
We run occasional WCAG 2.2 self-audits ourselves for the 'viewing' side of Volto, which forms the basis of the majority of our a11y bugs.

@pnicolli We are very much looking forward to the Salamina Sprint!

What great news that this team has now come together!

We're also really interested in improving accessibility in Volto. Currently we're using the Volto Light theme and are also facing the challenge of making it more accessible to comply with the WCAG AA level.

One of our goals is to gain more knowledge about accessibility. We try to achieve this by attending workshops held by an expert in the field.

Nevertheless, we would like to have some of our people on the board of volto-accessibility to be in close contact with the community. The following have already shown their interest: @jmevissen , @mliebischer and @Katrin (@Catherine358 on github).