Visually creating production react components (works on Next.js... can we make it work with Volto?)

There is now a very promising workflow that makes it possible to create production-ready React components visually and integrate it with your react projects. The proof of concept works well with Next.js. Here's a 12 minute demo of the approach with Next.js Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Need help to make it work with Volto (maybe a mini sprint)

I'd like to get this working on Volto. I've been able to bring the components over to Volto but I think I'm missing some steps as I'm getting console errors.
I think my tinkering may be more effective with the eye of an experienced React/Volto dev.

I'm willing to commit a day or two on a remote mini-sprint with interested Volto devs to make this work with Volto. I think the eye of an experienced Volto/React-dev could really accelerate getting this working.

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