Visa for PloneConf 2024

I recently learned that US citizens must get a visa to attend PloneConf 2024.

  1. That needs to go on the PloneConf website.
  2. The website to apply for visas does not work on mobile devices. I sent an email to them and @ericof in hopes that something can be resolved.
  3. On the application there is a field for OTP. WTF is that? Oh, One-Time Password. What a terrible UI!
  4. After starting the process, there are fields that are not clear about what to provide, and somewhat invasive to personal privacy. . I have no idea what I should use for Travel Document, Bank statement (hell no! you're not getting my bank information!), and Proof Of Employment, especially as a self-employed individual.

Anyway, just a few things for the PloneConf 2024 organizers to test and verify. As it is, I will not attend in person.

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It could be worse -- you could be a Brazilian national trying to enter the USA. But seriously, I find it hard to get too worked up about Brazil imposing annoying visa requirements on US citizens, because I know it's motivated out of reciprocity for what our government requires in the other direction.

There is some more information about the required documents at

However, it remains unclear to me whether I can use the eVisa application to get the type of visa required for attending a conference. makes a distinction between visas for tourism, business, and conferences/seminars, but the application form only lists tourism and business as choices for the visa purpose.


I know that the US guvmint has discriminatory (putting it mildly) immigration and visa requirements. That's beside my point.

Let me clarify. Because the closest choice for visa type was "business" and I absolutely will not give a foreign government a copy of my personal bank statement for travel purposes, I will not attend in person.

Until there is an option for attending conferences and seminars without requiring a personal bank statement, I will not attend in person.

a) attending a conference is not business and you will only give yourself grief by putting that down. The exception is getting paid to speak. Then you need to be careful what visa you choose.
b) Most of the world has to deal with Visas to get places. Anyone travelling to another country should know to check what visas they need so I don't see why this needs to spelled out explicitly for americans.

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Who said it does?

Again my point is only that I don't want to give a foreign government my personal bank statement for any travel purpose.

I applied for various visas in last years and the embassy of respective countries do require the bank statements(even when I was a student). I don't know how these embassies operates in the US. I have never applied for an e-visa.

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So, since we even pay for the ticket to speak, it's probably not business :wink: ?
At least as a German, the (tourism-based) entry is visa-free for 90 days.

I'm not an immigration expert so don't take my advice. Ask your consulate. But generally business visas are for business meetings where deals might be done. Paying to see a conference I think is more like your company paying for you to go see a show. Just don't do deals or try to get recruited.

16 days later, I got a response from the Brazil eVisa Customer Support (, after I reported the issues that I previously experienced. They said they're working on it, and asked for any other information.

I responded with the issue of not being able to select "Seminars or Conferences" for "Purpose of Travel", per [Official] Brazil Evisa | Tourist eVisa.

I'll update y'all with any more news.

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Finally got a decision:

if you are not conducting any bussiness meeting or such activities tourism visa will cover all other purposes

However the tourism visa also requires that I upload a bank statement. Nope, not gonna happen. I'll sit out this PloneConf.


Curious, why it is that much easier for Germans than for US-citizens? Probably some political circus I am not aware of.


As a US Citizen myself, I can understand why @stevepiercy would die on this hill.

I'm wondering myself....

But I'm wondering if this is also "American Privilege" that we seem to have when traveling, and South America doesn't want to play that game.

There are some serious Digital Nomad issues in South America also ( @polyester has identified this )

I'm on the fence right now... But I REALLY want to support the inclusivity of a PloneConf in South America, and I think that's whats pulling me towards attending.

Plus, we do need allies if we're going to MAPA! (Make America Plone Again)

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It's political whim between the governments of Brazil and the US. Reciprocity is a big deal.

US citizens have more visa restrictions than other countries where their borders are more open. See the Henley Global Passport Ranking.

Sorry to hear that, I do hope you reconsider your decision.

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That is the usual stuff to get a visa.
I had to present lot's of documents to get a visa for both 2011 and 2018 Plone Conferences

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As a Brazilian citizen I do not need a visa to travel to Germany, but I do need one to travel to the US.

And, to get a US tourism Visa we need to provide employment history, bank statements, social network handles, and a bunch of other information.

By the way, the Brazilian government has postponed the visa requirement for US citizens until 2025:

Procrastination for the win!


That's one hurdle out of the way! I still need to navigate holidays, family, and time away from $WORK.