Videos on Plone 5.2/Python 3?

Hi, I just set up a fresh plone 5.2/python3 site on Ubuntu 18.03 in a VM using kvm. I've allocated 14 GB RAM & 6 CPU's to this VM. I'd like to have, along with other content on this site, 'instructional videos' for my students. I installed/set-up Plone using the instructions on (BTW well done! They were easy to follow with my limited knowledge). I imported the basic caching setup and enabled it. I've increased Nginx to allow 100MB uploads.

To test I've uploaded a 2.3 MB video, it works fine. Then I uploaded a 45 MB video but it takes ~40 seconds to load. Once loaded though it plays nicely. For the help-video section to be useful, I need to find a way to have them load more quickly.

I've spent a few hours now searching/reading threads/doc pages related to using videos on Plone 5.2/Python 3 but can't seem to get much further. I see there's a branch of that is basically working with the Python 3, but I don't know how to install a github branch and wonder if I'd be opening a can of worm if I tried to work with a non-master version of a package. But maybe instead I should try to figure out how to tweak my nginx settings or settings? I'd rather not have to dive into Varnish or HAProxy if I can avoid it.

Any advice (remembering my limited Plone/tech knowledge)? Thanks!

Use the mr.developer extension for performing checkout using git. A dedicated branch can be specified using the branch=XXXX option. See the mr.developers docs

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That sounds easy enough, thanks! I'll give it a try tomorrow.

@dgroos the PR specifically says streaming doesn't work in python 3 yet. Thats the feature you're looking for to make it load faster.

What you need to do is get someone interested in fixing this and releasing a new version. Maybe put a bounty on it?

I was able to do as you said and it is now installed, thanks @zopyx. I have a couple of suggested documentation tweaks for using mr.developer, I'll submit through the suggested method.

Thanks @djay for helping me understand what "partial streaming" means, yes, that's what I need. About putting a bounty, I have financially contributed to open source projects (including a content type my students used with Plone 3), but generally try to focus my volunteerism to those things teachers need to do beyond their 60 hour work week for their students. I am thankful for the volunteerism broadly shown by the Plone community in so many ways, this forum being a great example.

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