Very high memory consumption on ZEO server process


On some sites we are using ZEO on a ZRS configuration and I recently started spotting very high memory consumption on the zeoserver process (as high as 1.6GB on one server I just had to restart).

Is this behavior "normal"? Does anybody knows if there's a way to control memory consumption on ZEO servers?

Plone version is 4.3.11 and ZRS is using zc.zrs = 2.4.4 and Twisted = 16.6.0.

Sorry to tangent. Is that munin?

@hvelarde sounds like a memory leak. We haven't noticed this with our ZRS. Haven't checked the versions. Didn't know twisted was used.

Conflict resolution happens server side, do you have many conflicts?

I don't think we have many conflicts in that specific server, besides that that was the ZRS slave and now it's running in 232 MB.

the ZRS master server of the site that has many conflicts is running in 210 MB.

I also think is more like a memory leak; should I open a new ticket on the issue tracker? which one?

no, that's New Relic.

I sent a message into the ZODB list and Jim said this seems to be a memory leak related with the database packing.

here you can see what happens in two different servers after running bin/zeopack:

I'll keep you informed.