Versioning issue of AT ReferenceField

Hi all,

I just enabled versioning (CMFEditions 2.2.23 in Plone 4.3.14) for some old custom AT types. Its a really nice feature, but I recognized a little problem:
Differences in ReferenceFields are not recognized (not displayed if you compare two versions), since the DiffTool always returns the current value of the ReferenceField, even for older versions of the object.

Funny thing is that if I revert my object to an older version the value of the ReferenceField is reverted correctly. So for me it looks like the different versions of the ReferenceField are stored in some way, but the DiffTool is not able to access them correctly.

Does anyone have an idea how to explain or solve this issue?

Thank you :slight_smile:

It sounds like the DiffTool does not support displaying ReferenceField differences correctly :slight_smile:

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