Uwosh-doc copyrighted?

this goes out to the Uwosh-people (who write and publish so much helpful Plone-related docs, merci beaucoup!) or to anyone who can tell:
In concrete it's about the article http://www.uwosh.edu/ploneprojects/docs/how-tos/how-to-use-generic-setup-upgrade-steps written by David J. Hietpas. Any chance, you'd allow us to copy parts of it to the official Plone-docs?
Best -ida

Oh look ma', someone scratched her head about it already:

I'm responding on Kim Nguyen's behalf because he's on vacation out of the country for a few weeks. He said he always uses GPL and "then if CC is more accepted for docs then that's fine too. :slight_smile: ."

Hope this helps, Ida.

Perfect, thanks!