Using variable in manifest

Is there a way i can use a variable in manifest.cfg to 'define the less file ?

I want to read the less file from:
development-css = /++theme++multitheme/less/${themefile}.less

Where themefile is:

It won't answer your question, but take a look at, it has a different approach.

And an example for a diazo rule for color options is here:

Actually, that is the approach that I am using at the moment, ... it works (but not for TinyMCE). It just feels 'wrong' to do it this way...

I don't think it's wrong. And it's currently the only way how to build a multi-option theme. (I just don't like the [theme:parameters] approach since users can destroy a theme when used wrong.)

And yes, the theming settings for TinyMCE only allow one CSS file to be set. My customers are fine with the following:

  • Theme for the frontend, Barceloneta for the backend
  • Base theme CSS for TinyMCE (so structures are visible)
  • Additional color for frontend

The only current alternative is to have your CSS rendered from a view which then takes your color choices into account.

Is there another way of setting this option (not define it in manifest.cfg)?
Where 'does TinyMCE get the css from' ?
Can I set it in the registry or can I somehow make a diazo rule that loads a CSS?

Ha, based on it seems to be possible to set multiple files for the TinyMCE CSS. It is then used at to generate the configuration for TinyMCE.

If (in manifest file)

color1 = python:context.portal_registry['collective.multitheme.interfaces.ICollectiveMultiThemeSettings.color1']

Is it somewhat possible to use that 'in html', like this:

<after theme-children="/html/head" >
       .custom-color1 { color: $color1 }

PS: This syntax is not working