Using Svelte on Plone

Continuing the discussion from Why do we have plonecli and bobtemplates.plone?:

Anyone else doing Svelte on Plone? Svelte is super simple to think about and @MrTango has extended PloneCLI so that you can generate Svelte boilerplate for Plone.

I wrote an addon for @agitator with a some minimal JS (so I could have done it with plain Javascript as well) here
I did not use the bobtemplate (b/c it was before it exists).
I used a pattern to initialize the Svelte components. I am not sure if it is good practice, but it works.


I like.

It's not a solution to everything and by any means a replacement for Volto, but a nice way to enhance classic Plone with modern Javascript components.
PS. you might want to use the new plonecli==2.0b1 :wink:

Yup! It's certainly a great "stop gap" for projects where Volto is not practical at the moment.