Using parent view for content (children)

I have some folderish content types that has 'children'.

Instead of 'duplicating' views, I wonder if it is possible to 'use the parent view'.

Some has been quite easy to make (like an 'Artist' content type with 'Pictures')

But, for views that uses helper views and 'use macro' (like, I am not sure what the correct approach would be

For example, if I have folderish content type


Which has children

AnotherPlace & AnotherTime

In which case I would render 'Movie', but with fields 'place' & 'time' from the 'child'

Make no sense what you are asking.

Every content type should have at least a reasonable default view for content editor.

For site visitors it is up to you to hide those helper contents at all.

Apart from that it is broken by design for content editors to maintain repeating date and times as dedicated content objects.

I have seen such a shitty design for a seminar implementation and the enduser almost kissed me after moving this fine granular configuration into the main seminar object using a custom grid field field.

They don't, I use a better approach

Sure: you make a view that renders the parent view.

You likely need a portal_type (more precisely of the corresponding type information) service to determine the parent's "view action".

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Super, looks like that works great

And what is the better approach?