Using GitHub's Marketplace tools to check add-ons code quality


the Plone community has been using Coveralls for some time to check code coverage on Plone add-ons in the Collective and elsewhere.

last year, GitHub introduced their Marketplace and it's listing some other tools to improve code qualily.

I spent some time last week testing some of them but I found nothing interesting.

today I stumbled upon Codacy and I was really pleased with it.

I'm currently installing it on some add-ons to give it a try, the process is really simple:

and the results are pretty interesting:

does anybody else here has tried it?

have you tried some other stuff?

please share your experiences.

Yet another wisenheimer toy...I tried all of them and they produce more noise than being helpful.


I have no idea what a wisenheimer toy is; as mentioned above, I've been trying them and I agree some don't add any real value, but others like CodeFactor and Codacy worth some extended testing.

they do mostly the same we've been trying to achieve with plone.recipe.codeanalysis, but they include some other tests and have a nice user interface and graphs that help you review the trends on your code quality.

these are tools people that collaborate and develop software together will surely appreciate; they are probably less interesting for the lone wolf types out there.