Using in the Theming Control Panel

I have downloaded and extracted the on my harddrive to see what the archive contains prior to uploading the .zip file to the Theming Control Panel. I notice that the Control Panel is looking for a .zip file with "a single top level directory, which will be used as the theme identifier. If no Diazo rules.xml or manifest.cfg file is found in this directory, a default rules.xml file will be created." So does this theme have to be installed as a Product, and everything that entails, or can the .zip file be uploaded to the Theming Control Panel without breaking the Plone?

If you are using Plone 5, I dont think this theme will work.

If you are using Plone 4, I am almost certain that you can try it by:

  1. Open two different browser windows of /@@theming-control-panel
  2. Upload the theme and enable it in one of the windows.
  3. If it break things: enable the default Plone theme in the other browser window, then remove the bootstrap theme.

PS: The theming control panel should be un-themed anyway, so you should be able to get there anyway.

Thank you Espen. I will give that a try.

Also, that two browser window technique is a valuable tip. Thanks for that.