Using Chameleon macros from different template

How does one do that in Plone nowadays? This used to be easy in pre-Chameleon days, but seems it's become more complicated.

I've successfully used a 'hack' whereby I created a view that does nothing but provides access to the compiled macro template. Using that, macros can then be accessed as "context/myviewname/macros/mymacroname".

Is this still required or is there a better way that does not require a view per each template that has macros used from other templates? Preferably something that allows referring to other templates by just using a relative filesystem path?

Are you talking about templates in CMF skin layers? What did you try that did not work?

We're doing the same ZCML view register silliness as you are heading for. I do not find it too unclean when doing the functional sharing via a mixin. We should go for a proper widget in our case, though.

I'm all ears for elegant solutions if you do happen to come across one.

@davisagli no, I am not registering any skins.