Using barceloneta as base w/o copying it over?

I want to use barcelonetas less as base for parts of a site (the backend) - stuff outside of the theme, its is a base package for a number of sites with all own themes.

Looking at current best practice in bobtemplates.plone I found a copy of barceloneta there. Using a copy as well works for me for now like so:

    @import "../barceloneta/less/barceloneta.plone.less";

But I want one canonical place (the Python egg plonetheme.barceloneta of the current Plone release) to derive from. Copying it feels just wrong. I also prefer to not install barceloneta, since I don't need it in production. I need it just to compile my less using ./bin/plone-compile-resources -b mybundle (which is part of a normal resources used in the bundle).

Any ideas how to solve this?

For a while I tested importing the barceloneta less from github:

but this is tediously slow.

I falled back to either have a copy (yeah, it sucks) or use the barceloneta path under the omelette folder.

Maybe use npm to install it from GitHub into node_modules and set barcelonetaPath to point there. I had to move to npm installed version to get SCSS sources into build environment.