User specific content showing on all user accounts in Volto

Good morning, Plone community!

I am trying to filter content in Volto so that only the current user can see his or her created content, and not anyone else's per content type. Is there a way to do this in Volto because as of now the content created in one user profile is displaying across all the users in Volto?

I thank you kindly.



Here is some of the code used in the search query in Volto/React:

const content = useSelector((store) =>;
  const results = useSelector(
    (state) =>,
  const dispatch = useDispatch();
  useEffect(() => {
          b_size: 25,
          creator: 'admin',
          portal_type: 'Financial Aid Docs',
          meta_type: 'Dexterity Item',
          fullobjects: true,
  }, [dispatch]);

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