User schema for Plone 5

I have an addon that I would like to add a field to the user schema through a GenericSetup profile. I had hoped to do this with a userschema.xml file but this completely wipes out any TTW added fields or others installed with a profile. I just want to append, not override. As far as I can tell it doesn't respect a purge=False attribute in the element or anything. Is there a different XML config file I should use?

I could probably figure out a way to do this programmatically but it seems like something that should be doable with xml configs.

That's true, userschema.xml does not support purge=False.
For now, you need to go back to the old approach (declaring you own interface and so on, see ).

Supporting purge=falase would be definitely a nice feature, and it is probably not to complex to implement.
Do you think you could make a PR for that? :slight_smile: