User Management Project GSOC'23

I m Saiyam Jain. I have been part of the Plone Community for over 2 months now.

I m looking forward to contributing to the User Management Project for GSOC'23. I saw that this project was in the GSOC'22 as well, but for some reason, it is still there in 2023. So I was wondering what could be the possible reasons for that. @robgietema was the mentor for the project last year and this year as well. I was facing some confusion so regarding that I contacted him through the forum, but his last seen was on 31st March 2022. So now can anyone help me connect with him? Or anyone knows any way of connecting with him?

I m also in a bit of doubt that will that project be selected from GSOC 23 as it was not for 2022. Adding to my confusion issues have been created for other GSOC Projects but for this, there is still none

Sir @sneridagh since you are the mentors of other projects can you give some idea about this?