User info page link does not exist when using

I'm setting up a new site for SolydXK and I've setup the English and Dutch language with Everything functions very well except for the generated link to the user info page.

A news item contains a line with information of the author which contains a link to the user's info page:
However, the link does not exists. This one does:

How can I setup a user info page in both languages and make sure the link to that page (nl/author/user_name) does exist?

I was able to fix this issue only for document views, but not for listings (or collections).

In my site policy package I added this in a overrides.zcml file:


In the template, I replaced

There's other packages with this issue, but overriding them all would be a pain.

I wonder why navigation_root_url is used instead of portal_url ...

Thanks Marc, I'll definitely take a look at it.

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