Use SVGs from Volto package

Am trying to reuse the default icons from volto package in custom view. The image SVG are rendered as JS objects in render HTML.

import userSVG from '@plone/volto/icons/user.svg';


 <Image src={ userSVG } />
<img src="[object Object]" class="ui image">
import { Icon } from '@plone/volto/components';
import userSVG from '@plone/volto/icons/user.svg';

      <Icon name={searchSVG} />

To give you more context. I am trying to use 'user.svg' as source for Semantic-UI Image element.

@arky I don't think it's possible, those svgs are not loaded with the fileloader. You can make something appear to be an Image by adding the "ui image" classes, like <div className="ui image"><Icon name={} /></div>

Gotcha! Thank you @tiberiuichim @ksuess

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