US sprint timeframe and location

Wildcard Corp. (CastleCMS) is interested in organizing a US sprint this year, probably in the Midwest (could be Chicago, Milwaukee, or gasp Oshkosh).

When would make the most sense?

Who would like to jump in?

Thoughts on the main topic(s)?

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Topic Idea: Updating the resource registries.

Some work has been done on using Webpack:

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enhanced UX experience for content editors. esp taking the most generically useful UX enhancements of Castle, and putting them in the core so castle doesn't have to maintain them. Toolbar enhancements and the placeless adding come to mine, but you guys know what your users like more than anyone else right? (or maybe its what you no longer get support requests for anymore?)

Perhaps work on Mosaic or a mosaic replacement is a part of that too?

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Main topic could be plone-react + Pastanaga. Try to convince Rob, Victor, and Roel to come. :wink:

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Lot's still to be done for plone-react and Pastanaga, so could be a nice topic.

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OK we are interested in helping Plone-React (also given that we use so much React in CastleCMS).

Given the timing of all the summer sprints and of Tokyo, we are thinking September.

In Chicago.

Now... does anyone have any contacts who might be able to help us with a space in Chicago? @ctxlken :slight_smile:

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