URGENT Seeking Plone/Docker Help to setup a quick project

Priority for this hire: Help me set up my docker based development environment immediately, and then the production level deployment of the container sometime before the end of May 2019. This hire could be as simple as a day or two, but I'm open to as much as a full month's work.

Because I need to start developing rather than studying docker, I need to hire someone experienced with Plone5 development and deployment via Docker who is immediately available to:

  1. Help me set up my development environment ASAP (via screen-share).
    Here’s what (I currently think) I need:
    1. Probably Plone 5.1.x container (5.2.x stable release w/python 3 if possible)
      1. 2 new Plone products in private GIT repos (I have Amazon CodeCommit)
        1. One for reusable code/behaviours to share with my future apps
        2. One for code/behaviours proprietary to this ‘web app’
      2. Addons: Rapido (for tweaking the UI/UX)
      3. Theme: Is there a good mobile-first theme? (otherwise Tokyo for now)
    2. Probably not Guillotina (?)
      1. In future, this will be a webapp with a custom UI/UX front end, but there’s no time (or need) to create a custom front-end for this 1st version
      2. I’m certainly very open to reconsidering this, especially if there’s a decent mobile-first front end available that I could use mostly out-of-the-box
    3. Appropriate data storage (outside the container)
    4. LDAP container, integrated (for single-sign-on to additional web apps)
    5. Ensure this dev container is compatible with the production environment, for easy deployment
    6. Brief me on how it all works so I can be immediately productive
    7. Provide plone/docker support if needed to keep me productive during May

Then, through May, while I work on the web app itself:

  1. Help set up the production environment
    1. Choose between AWS Fargate or Kubernetes (or other provider?)
    2. Establish the container deployment process
    3. Ensure deployment works as expected
    4. Data backup and restore process (by the AWS guru perhaps)

Other considerations:

  • Reasonably well-spoken English would be preferable for efficient (voice) communication
  • I’m in Western Canada, but my schedule is flexible enough to work with other continents
  • There is some potential to also participate in the Plone app development during May if you’re available, and depending upon skills and my budget.
    • Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete agreements may be required to work on the app itself, since the project is proprietary to a 3rd party.
    • Or, perhaps could do some work on dependencies (ie: improve Tokyo theme ?)
  • I’m open to hiring one person who knows all of this stuff, or to splitting the work between a few people, or even expanding the budget a bit, as long as I meet the goal (a production web app by end of May) with reasonable cost.

About me and this project

I have 30 days (the month of May 2019) to create a working ‘web app’ suitable for production use. I need to develop and deploy this project as a docker container, but I am a total newbie to docker and to developing/deploying Plone-5 via containers. So please forgive me if my rust or my ignorance shows.

I am an experienced Plone dev (since 2004), though I’m out of practice (I haven’t been ‘hands-on’ for a few years). I need to do development for this project on my local ubuntu 18.04 machine and deploy it for production on Amazon AWS (preferably). I’m not an AWS guru, but I have used it since 2004 and I can get access to a guru if needed.

BTW: I am not very familiar with Guillotina and I fear I don’t have time to also develop a custom front end. Meanwhile I’m very confident Plone can, and will, do what I need for the first version of this app. I’m very open to advice in this regard, but given the time constraint, I’m currently inclined to stick to ‘what I know’ where possible.

FYI I’m paying for this ‘starter’ app out of my own pocket to generate interest and funding for development of a full-fledged web app later this year, plus (potentially) several dozen related apps over the next 5+ years. These would be complete, micro-service rewrites of the custom apps we built for Plone from 2008-2016).

I think all remaining Plone developers are this year more than busy with migrations.

Yeah, probably. Thanks A.J.

Hello Mr. @IanFHood,

I can help you in your project.... I know Plone a lot and I'm an expert at Docker, Kubernetes and DevOps tools. Please, if you still have interest send an email so that I can send you my email or WhatsApp.

Kind regards.

Hi Ian! This does seem a bit rushed ...

Why Rapido? I am not hearing that it is in active development any longer, though I haven’t checked lately. Does it work with Python 3?

When you say web app, are you talking REST API and Angular or Volto?

Have you looked at the Plone Docker yet?

Hey Kim,

I just happened to have a Plone 5 instance with Rapido handy and found it capable enough for my experiments. It was good enough to add buttons and tweak stuff quick and easy but these really aught to be developed 'properly'.

'Properly' means something like REST API and Angular or Volto, yes, or Guillotina (?) Yet again I don't know enough to make those decisions. I'd start with buitding the webapp properly, if I thought I had a chance to make it work, but I don't know enough to judge.

If those are things you're familiar with I'd happily pay for some of your time to give me a crash course (online call or screenshare perhaps?). I just don't have time to study all the documentation right now -- I need to be designing and implementing.

I have connected with someone who is Plone/Docker knowledgeable and hope they can also give me a crash course, but haven't made those arrangements yet. If you're up to the task let me know.

Because there are too many unknowns for me, I've figured I could some up with something 'good enough' using what I DO know: Plone content types and custom views.

I'm happy to pay for your time if you can help to get me up to speed on any of these areas:
Docker/Plone in production
REST API and Angular or Volto or Guillotina

By the way, drop me a note directly ianfhood@gmail.com so I can share more :slight_smile:

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