Urgent: After deleted a user(maybe), plone 5.1.2 becomes very slow and unstable

My plone 5.1.2 was upgraded from plone 4 which was installed with option zeo and two clients.
Today after deleted a user (I am not sure if this is the cause), I found that my plone 5.1.2 becomes very slow and unstable, at last even frozen. Command top shows one python 2.7 task with 117% cpu usage while the OS's cpus usage is 10.

How can I deal with this?


My personal favourite (that I use myself) is the request monitor in the package haufe.requestmonitoring. It can be set up to monitor long running requests and log for them stack traces periodically. From those stack traces, you get indications what your long running requests are doing and (often) get clues what needs improvments.

There is another (external) product which produces a stack trace for all running threads on receiving a special signal. I know about it because is uses the same infrastructure (--> stacktrace) as haufe.requestmonitoring. But, I have never used it personally and I have forgotten its name.

As long as your requests (still) terminate, you can use Products.ZProfiler, to make a detailed analysis where time is spent for. It is of no help when the relevant requests run too long (activating ZProfiler drastically slows down execution).

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Plone goes and modifies all content owned by a user when you delete it that user.

It's a bit of a gotcha. For large sites the best option is to change the password and prevent the user from logging in rather than deleting.

There probably needs to be a better solution to this such as some core change to deactivate accounts such that history and ownership is unchanged but users are locked out?

Before deleting, I had two users:
yahoouser (created in plone4)
Yahoouser(created in plone5).
Which I deleted was the one from plone4.
I do not know why, but when I deleted Yahoouser(created in plone5) , my plone5 runs again.

Maybe this is a bug?