Upload Plone to GIT for backup (HOW?)

Hello everyone

I am using Plone 5 deployed in EC2 AWS, I have customized the theme, added some css styles etc, I am planning to backup my changes in GIT because if ever the site in AWS gets deleted (accidentally), then the whole Plone site will get deleted as well.

My question is, do I need to upload the whole Plone to GIT? or just the custom files that I am working on? Thank you so much in advance for the help!

If all theme customizations were done TTW (through the web), then you can export your theme as a ZIP file. You could already add those Zip file to Git.

The next step would be to create a file system add-on for your theme, which then can be put under version control.

If you want to back up the entire Plone site, have a look at


Thank you so much for the help, will work on this! :slight_smile: Thanks again! :slight_smile: