Upload folder including subfolders

Hello everyone, for a customer project we would like to change the upload functionality in Volto so that entire folders including subfolders and their contents can be uploaded. I know that you can currently upload a folder in Volto by dragging and dropping it into the upload modal. However, although all content from all subfolders is created, all subfolders are missing and all items end up on the same level. The folder structure is therefore lost.

Example folder to upload:

My Folder/
├── file-sample_1MB.docx
├── file-sample_500kB.docx
├── sample.doc
├── sample.pdf
├── Subfolder A
│   └── Figure_7-5.doc
└── Subfolder B
    └── Case_Document_7-1.doc

Upload Modal:

Contents view after uploading:

I know that you can do this via webdav, but that is not an option for us. The upload should be done directly in Volto and the folder structures should be preserved.

Perhaps an option for the upload modal such as "Create subfolders" would good idea.

Have you ever had such a requirement or do you have an idea how to realize this in Volto?

I would appreciate any suggestions and opinions.

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@mliebischer it is certainly possible and a good idea.
We've done some work to rework the upload feature to make it work with chunked uploading but we haven't added this feature.