Upgraded plone to 5.2 instance error [SOLVED]


I upgraded my plone instance from 5.1.2 to 5.1.5 with buildout and everything was ok, then I did the same to 5.2.0 (zc.buildout needed to be upgraded via pip because was minor then 2.12 release)

When I run plonectl fg I have the error:
instance: Error: u'products' is not a known key name

In my buildout.cfg I have this additional products:

eggs =

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Provide the full error message.

Remove the "products = ..." line from your instance or client parts. This may be in buildout.cfg or an included file like base.cfg.

products directories are no longer supported in 5.2+.

I commented the "products = ..." line in base.cfg and the instance started

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