Upgrade from 4.3.15 to 5.1.6: actions.xml profile is not applied

Hi all,
I am having a little trouble with upgrading my site from 4.3.15 to 5.1.6. Everything went well without error. But I noticed the register/login links don't have the modal classes (no more pop-up window). Apparently, the actions.xml profile is not applied during the upgrade and the "join" and "login" actions are not updated with modal property.

I can certainly just manually add the property in the backend. But I wonder if it is supposed to be manually done or I did something wrong and missed a few upgrade steps. Thank you for any insight.

Just to be sure: You mean that the classes are missing in the html ?

If not, it could be a javascript error. Disabling and enabling the theme again or rebuilding the bundles could help. One more note: I dont think the popup works if you move those actions to the footer… at least id did not work when I checked a long time ago.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I meant that the pat-plone-modal classes are not in the html. My theme and addon work fine on a freshly installed Plone 5. This only happens when I test upgrading a copy of my live site on a test server.

So I suspect that the Plone 5 upgrade steps didn't update the actions.xml setup. I just want to see if the same thing happens to others. Since CMFPlone profile is not available in admin page for manually applying, I will test a custom upgrade step to apply Plone actions, or manually add the modal property to the actions in management page.

If it is just for a few sites maybe yo can just copy from:





Yes, you were right that it works by adding the property manually in the manage page. I also tested to add a upgradeDepends to my addon package to import actions step from CMFPlone.

If such upgrade step is indeed not included with Plone 5, I imagine that the loss of the popup window should be obvious for anyone upgrading from 4.x. I wonder how many live sites actually upgraded from 4.x to 5.x. I will submit an issue unless someone can point out something I am missing. Thanks!