Updating url on editing the form name in easyforms


When we create a new form with easyforms named "Foo", then the url for the form will be http://nohost/site_name/Foo but now when we update the form name to "Bar", it must be changed to http://nohost/site_name/Bar but the updated form also have the same url as http:nohost/site_name/Foo . As according to test cases which are failing, these tests cases are written accordingly that the url will change with the change of form name and these tests cases are failing right now.

But in PFG also the url doesn't get updated with the updation of form name.

As I don't know the intention as tests cases are written to change the functionalities or they have been written wrongly as even PFG don't have that functionality. So do we need to implement that functionality so that URL changed on updation on form name or should we update the test cases ?

As right now I don't know the intention of the tests and the future road map for easyforms (if there is one). So I am in little bit doubt right now.

@smcmahon We can discuss this as what should be done, either to implement the functionality or update the test cases.


that's the expected behavior; just remove that test.