Updated unified installer r3 for Plone 5.2.1

Includes waitress 1.4.3 pin and PloneHotfix20200121 1.1


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Is this OK? I mean shouldn't we update the version number to reflect those changes? ( or 5.2.2 or whatever?)

I mean: Plone 5.2.1 was released some time ago and it needs some hotfixes to be installed. So I would say that if we include those hotfixes with a downloadable installer or default configuration, we should increase the version number to reflect that this is not anymore the same of the original 5.2.1 but an improved version of it.

Have we updated the version pinnings of https://dist.plone.org/release/5.2.1/versions.cfg to reflect those upgrades of the hotfix and waitress? I don't see them applied there, so I think that the installer should do the same here.

My 2 cents :slight_smile:

Mikel :

Thanks for asking, @erral! My thinking is that the unified installer makes it easy to install Plone by doing a bunch of things, according to "best practices" (and the Ansible playbook goes even further than that). The Plone versions.cfg won't change except between Plone versions, but the unified installer's release number (in this case "r3") does indicate that it has changed.

If someone wishes to use the unified installer but DOES NOT want the hotfix updates, they can comment out the lines in the buildout.cfg. But, probably most people want the latest hotfix to just be there, as in "Don't Make Me Think".

This is the way Steve has done it for years now, and I always thought it was a very nice touch.