Update CMS-Garten-Fiebel 2019/2020

Hi Community,

The CMS-Garden Project is on renewing the CMS-Garten-Fiebel for the next year.
Plone has always been part of that fiebel and the chapter about Plone needs an Update about Plone 5.2

Official Planing from CMS-Garden side: https://community.cms-garden.org/t/gartenfibel-2019-20/861
The Fiebel is in German and English and has a tight shedule.

Anyone willing and able to help?



Just some thoughts:

the general info should ok as it is, but we need to get in some visible update/features like the link management and the dropdown menu and so on. Also we need an extra chapter for the Python 3 effort (future prove), I would say.
I don't have the time this week for this, so it needs some other helping hands.

hi @loechel @MrTango,
I jumped in and review the current state of the last articles and the new 5.2 statements.
I try to share something tomorrow as a shared gdoc for review. But do not blame me if its too late. I gave a notice in the cms garden community forum so I may get further qualified feedback on the timing challenges and possibilities asap.

Cu Armin