Update 2.5.5 with Easyshop

I have a site ( http://www.mangschou.no ) that has been running for 15 (!) years on Plone 2.1 => 2.5.5 with Easyshop ( Easyshop eCommerce for Plone · GitHub ) .

I try to convince my customer to upgrade it (to bda plone shop & python 3 ) , and I wonder:
What would be my best way to do this.
It looks like it might be difficult to install Python 2.4 on my Macs (tried with both universal installer and 'mac intel installer'. Is my best bet to 'find an older machine '?

I upgrade a Plone 2.5 Intranet last year via many custom bash scripts on Linux Ubuntu 20.04. Good Luck!
I think the time for migration is to much. Set up a new plain site.

Do you have any script that export fields from archetype content.

( any chance that something like http://www.contentmanagementsoftware.info/plone/smart-csv-exporter could work)

GitHub - collective/collective.exportimport: Export and import content, members, relations and translations otherwise transmogrifier but that's probably an overkill :wink:

Maybe one option (to export the content only) could be

  1. Make a new page template
  2. copy the results from 'the view'
  3. Make a plone.api script to import it to the new site.

Relations would have to be handed manually. Member would not be a problem in my case: The users (customers) would have to register again.

Anyway: I need to convince them to upgrade before I try this.

This seems like the fastest / simplest way: Upgrading Plone 2 to 5, a different approach(?) - #2 by yurj