Uninstall an add-on completely

Can anyone help me to uninstall an add-on completely from Plone? So there should not be a link/bundle?

Thank you so much!

Hi there,

I usually refer back to this (dated but still mostly relevant) write-up of Generic Setup / uninstall profiles:

If you need more specific help than that you should probably provide some more information, including:

  • What the add-on is you're attempting to uninstall
  • What you've tried / what happens (traceback if there is one)
  • Plone version you're on.


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Thanks for your reply!

Here's my Plone:

  • Plone 5.1rc2 (5109)
  • CMF 2.2.12
  • Zope 2.13.26
  • Python 2.7.13 (default, Jul 26 2017, 16:31:12) [GCC 4.3.0]
  • PIL 1.1.7

I am trying to uninstall "Roster" plugin. I can still see the item on the drop menu (add new menu). I'd like to remove this.

Thank you again,


What have you tried to do so far? Have you read through docs.plone.org?