Unifying 2 instances on a single zope server

Hello, I have migrated two sites with low traffic to 5.2.4py3
They used to be running on two zope instances

I was wondering if it'd be clever to put them on a single zope instance, or not woth bothering.
How to proceed ?

You will save a few hundred Mb's of memory usage by hosting both Plone sites in the same Zope server.

But in general I'd advice against having this for new sites, it's not worth the save of memory. Especially if the management of your zope install is automated/easy to maintan.

There's a long list with small but possibly annoying disadvantages with having 2 plone sites:

  • acquisition into the other Plone site
  • if you really want to save memory: Every Plone site has to keep its own copy of the local portal_catalog in memory to work efficiently. Every page queries the catalog to build the navigation for example. If you have low traffic, after a while the non accessed Plone site gets its portal_catalog eviccted from the underlying Zope cache and needs 4-5 seconds to load all objects to respond to page requests.

[edit] You can patch the acquisition issue, but the catalog one is nasty. If you have a use case for very large Plone sites with 'subsites' a solution like enabling INavigationRoot or using an add'on like collective.lineage .

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thanks for your answer : i ll stick with two zope instances

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